IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY: The terms and conditions listed below provide a legal contract between you, the end user and EMPLEOSNET OF PANAMA, a company registered in Panama City, Panama whose main campus is located on Calle 50 GyG Building, next to the Global Bank Tower. ( "EMPLEOS.NET"), in relation to the computer software named FuturaDISC, FuturaDIAV, FuturaJOB, FuturaMATCH, FuturaCOMPARE, FuturaDDI, FuturaDISC180 and FuturaCOACH and, if applicable, to other software modules related and included in FuturaSUITE (all this called "Software" ). The term "Software" includes (i) all the updates that said Software can receive, either through a subscription service or via any other support service, (ii) all software add-ons ordered and installed and (iii) third party software, such as the e Adobe PDF library, incorporated into the software mentioned above, leaving all of them subject to these terms and conditions. It is prohibited to use the Software without an EMPLEOS.NET license. Via this document, EMPLEOS.NET offers a non-exclusive license under the terms specified in this Contract. We recommend that appropriate and careful reading of these terms and conditions is done BEFORE using the Software. In fact, using the Software means that you agree with the terms and conditions specified here. In the event that you do not agree with these, you must contact EMPLEOS.NET as soon as possible, in order to be reimbursed with your money. This is a license agreement and not a sale contract.

1.- SCOPE OF USE OF THE MEASURING INSTRUMENTS IN HUMAN RESOURCES.- The use of measuring instruments as support of the decisions made in the various activities of the Human Resources area, must always be done with professionalism and diligence. When you use this software you assume the responsibility to comply with the standards contained in this document.

2.- LIMITATIONS.- The FuturaDISC, FuturaDIAV, FuturaJOB, FuturaMATCH, FuturaCOMPARE, FuturaDDI, FuturaDISC180, FuturaCOACH tests and, if applicable, to the other software related modules included in FuturaSUITE ARE NOT PERSONNEL SELECTION TESTS. They are tools whose support is intended for TRAINING, with the purpose of improving communication within the company and better understand the needs of employees.

3.- ELEGIBILITY.- This software can only be used by professionals with extensive experience in HUMAN RESOURCES AREA.

By using this software you manifest and recognize that you possess these skills.


It is not recommended to use this Software as the sole criterion for staff selection, or as the sole criterion for establishment of career plans, organizational development, and other related tasks because the results obtained MUST NECESSARILY BE VALIDATED, COMBINED, COMPARED and CONFRONTED with the results obtained in the implementation of other tools and criteria SPECIFIC TO YOUR COMPANY, in order to make objective and relevant decisions, with a comprehensive and responsible approach.

4.- SOFTWARE OWNERSHIP AND COPY RESTRICTIONS. The intellectual property rights, trade secret and all other property right applicable to the Software and Documentation belong to EMPLEOS.NET and its affiliated companies worldwide and will be retained by them. THE SOFTWARE AND DOCUMENTATION ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS AND OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS. Each EMPLEOS.NET licensing grantor is a third-party beneficiary to this Agreement. You will only attend to the rights covered specifically in this Agreement. It is not allowed to create copies of the Software on any machine-readable format, except to create security backups and within the restrictions of the license as portrayed in Article 1. It is strictly forbidden to delete from the Software or the documentation, any notes relating to the copyright, to any other ownership right or to explicit declination of responsibilities. It is mandatory to reproduce these notes and declination of responsibilities in all the copies that are made of the Software Generated Reports in accordance with this Contract.

5.- OTHER RESTRICTIONS OF USE. This contract is the proof that accredits you as the owner of the license, and as the holder of the rights granted here. Therefore, you must keep it always. For the exception of what is allowed under article 1, the software cannot be used in part or completely with any purpose that is not related to the common purposes of PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES IN THE AREA OF HUMAN RESOURCES as described in this document. It is prohibited to sell, license or sublicense, assign, transfer, lease or rent (including through an application service provider [ASP] or an agreement of shared ownership) this Software or the license granted by this Contract. It is prohibited to offer the Software via an application or internet service provider, or through a time-sharing agreement enabling another party to use the Software. You are prohibited to install or use the Software over the Internet, including, without limitation and under any case exclusionary, the use in connection with a web service host ( "hosting") or a similar service, or make the Software available to third parties via the Internet service on their computer or in any other way. It is also forbidden to modify the Software, create derivative products from the Software or Documentation, analyze it with the purpose of competing with EMPLEOS.NET, perform reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble or attempt to discover the Software source code, except if you work in accordance with Article 11, as described later and if applicable, due to the fact that it contains trade secrets of EMPLEOS.NET and its licensors as for example, the structure, organization and code of the Software.

6.- PRIVACY RIGHTS AND HANDLING OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.- By using this software, you assume full responsibility for the handling of the confidential information obtained from the tests applied to the applicants. This information cannot be disclosed, under any circumstance, to a third party without the prior consent of the applicant. Also, in the event that an applicant requests the destruction of any report related to them, you will have the responsibility to immediately inform EMPLEOS.NET in order to proceed with the request in a timely manner. Equally you accept to maintain the proper controls to ensure that this information is not to be accessed by unauthorized individuals.