FuturaCOMPARE allows you to compare from two to three profiles FuturaDIAV or FuturaADEP to help you take additional criteria in Human Resources department. This allows you to choose the option most appropriate to your needs among the applicants to a particular position.

LThe comparison allows you to see which applicant presents outstanding qualities in a given area, also gives you the opportunity to form more effective working groups based on profiles FuturaDIAV and FuturaADEP.


Is a tool used to find and classify the behavioral characteristics. Is always directed in two directions: the personal sphere and work environment. It relies on the DISC Method, this represents four behavioral styles:

  • Authoritative
  • Detail
  • Stable
  • Persuasive


FuturaDIAV allows you to understand why people react differently to the same situations. This is because each person is unique and unrepeatable, therefore is necessary to understand that everyone has a determined personality and that this is the set of characteristics that distinguish them from others.

This model answers the question Why?

Why do people behave like this?

It defines 6 Types of People:

  • SOC - Social
  • ART - Artistic
  • EMP - Enterprising
  • CON - Conservative
  • ANA - Analytical
  • EQU - Balanced

Each person has a Primary and one Secondary Type Diav, this combination marks their wishes, Interests, Attitudes and Values.