Desires: Sharing and belonging

Interests: Conecting with everyone

Attitudes: Sympathy and communication

Values: Popularity and prestige

Characteristics: Group participation. community support, mentoring, human relations, verbal aptitude, listening skills and understanding.


Desires: Harmony and depth

Interests: An environment that is pleasing to the senses

Attitudes: Feeling and pleasure

Values: Beauty and meaning

Characteristics: Art, communication, culture, creativity, musical ability, artistic expression and writing


Desires: New challenges

Interests: Progress and well-being

Attitudes: Confidence and energy

Values: Success and rewards

Characteristics: Leadership, innovation, business development, ability to motivate, persuade and direct.


Desires: A peaceful life.

Interests: To keep things “status quo”.

Attitudes: To listen and mediate.

Values: Tradition and family.

Characteristics: Organization, maintaining a paper trail, systems, record keeping and administration.


Desires: Understanding everything.

Interests: careful investigation.

Attitudes: Trust but verify.

Values: Accurate information

Characteristics: Analysis, research, laboratory testing, troubleshooting and mathematical skills.


Desires: Effective coordination.

Interests: Combining a bit of everything.

Attitudes: Is eager to contribute.

Values: Open to variety.

Characteristics: Outdoor activities, exercise, safety, athletics, physical coordination, fixing things, team and resource management.

DIAV: Support for Organizational Decisions

In the area of Human Resources, DIAV method helps to identify the best way to keep your employees motivated, according to their personality type. It can also be a support for decision-making when performing an interview, this by developing questions in order to explore the behavior of personnel and fitness for a particular role. It will be useful when you want to make an internal change of personnel and to identify who is suitable to be part of a team when required.

What Is FuturaDIAV?

The objective of this test is to understand why people react differently to the same situations, that is because each person is unique and unrepeatable. Therefore it is necessary to understand that each person has a specific personality and that this is the set of characteristics that distinguish them from others.

FuturaDIAV answers the question Why?

Why do people behave like this?

We define 6 Types of People:

  • SOC Social
  • ART Artistic
  • ENT Enterprising
  • CON Conservative
  • ANA Analytical
  • BAL Balanced

Each person has a Primary and Secondary DIAV TYPE, this combination marks his wishes, Interests, Attitudes and Values