Personal Style

Self Confidence (what substantiate his self-confidence) (is confident by nature, because studied well the products, etc.)
Compliance of Procedures (how he handles the prices established, discounts, etc.)
Goal Setting (how sets his goals)


Obtaining Prior Information (about the products or services he will sell).
Determination of Customer Need for Purchase (how does it).
Search of Results (how is going to get them).


New Customers (how to get them).
Sense of Urgency.


Presentation of the Product or Services to the Customer (how does it).
Follow-up (how he handles it, insistence persistence, leaves room for the client to analyze the proposal, etc).


Comparison of Products and Similar Services (how does it).
Presentation of Favorable Features of his Product or Service (how does it).


Ability to listen to his customers.
Style of Closure (fast, consultative, slowly but surely convinces, etc).
Service Attitude (attention, claims management, post sales service, etc).

Futura SalesPRO

This is a test to determine the applicant's sales style based on their Profile ADEP

First we will define what is a seller:
A seller is a person who is selling products and / or services. Selling actually means convincing others.

Therefore many times we hear someone saying "I want to sell you an idea". This actually means "I want to convince you with my idea". In the same way that the ADEP model does not state whether a person is good or bad for a particular task, but rather defines which tasks are appropriate for this person. The purpose of FuturaADEP Sales is based on the following principle:

All persons throughout their lives perform sales work, whether consciously or unconsciously. The mom, who educates a child to eat with good manners, is actually selling the idea that doing this is something good for him.

With this example, the mother may try to accomplish the goal in several ways:

  1. Reasoning calmly with her child.
  2. Scolding him.
  3. Threatening to punish him.

Which of these styles is the most effective?

The correct answer is: It depends on the child, the specific experience and circumstances.

That is, there is no single answer that is correct for all cases. The same is true when analyzing the Sales Style of a Person. We cannot have the same style to sell a TV offer than to sell a health insurance plan.