The Birth of Nano

It all started one rainy night on a dark road in Mumbai, India.

Ratan Tata, the powerful CEO of TATA MOTORS, left his office in his luxury car when he saw that there had been an accident on the road. He asked his driver to stop and saw the scene that changed his life and his company's.

A complete family riding on a scooter (which is the custom in India) without helmets or protection slipped on the wet pavement, seriously injuring its occupants.

The next day Ratan gathered his management team and told them that the existence of the entire company made no sense if he could not help solve this serious problem in their country.

That day the NANO was born, the car that is sold in India for $ 2,000.

A month before its launch, there was a sharp rise in iron and other raw materials.

A Wall Street Journalist asked Ratan if he would raise the price.

Ratan Tata replied with his famous phrase:

"When a business has a purpose, it always finds ways to make it possible"

A month later, TATA MOTORS launched the NANO at the offered price of $ 2,000.

Thanks Ratan for inspiring us so profoundly!!!