Our Technology

Who create, develop and validate our tests?

We have assembled a multidisciplinary team who works on three continents. We have psychologists, engineers, sociologists, programmers, statisticians, and many other researchers.

From Madrid to Medellin and from San Jose to Buenos Aires, we have experts who contribute their knowledge, each in his specialty.

We proudly present the following videos of our Creation and Validation of Tests Centers.

Our Technology

We have two series of tests

Plus Series

For these tests we counted on test banks, which are selected using algorithms that allow the presentation of different questionnaires to each applicant, without losing balance in the content so that the results are equivalent according to the selected answers.

Futura Series

In this series, we present our more sophisticated tests like FuturaDISC®, FuturaDIAV®, FuturaTYPE® and others.

Here we have a major innovation:

In the same way that an artist paints a landscape, each test presents the applicant a scenario, which consists of a smooth path but with unforeseen obstacles and jumps to force your attention.

We use a sophisticated algorithm that makes a balance of contents of each test so objectively that allows measuring the candidate's answers.

The collective results that are obtained are analyzed permanently with statistical programs and deviations are extracted. This methodology allows to not only VALIDATE tests but something much more important: CALIBRATE testing.

Our platform is an OPEN PLATFORM, allowing us to continuously incorporate the suggestions and improvements that our User Community provides, while being pre-filtered and approved by our experts.

Other words the Futura Series Tests are evolving and improving.

Check our Community section to learn how you can contribute to our project.