People We Admire

Richard Branson

Who was always punished in school because he could not present his assignments properly because was dyslexic, and is currently the owner of Virgin United, a conglomerate of more than 300 global companies, whose new venture is the creation of space trips.

Tony Hsai

Who always likes to play and have fun as a child, and created Zappos that is a way of saying shoes. Still makes excursions in school buses and also teases new employees as part of their initiation into the company.

Wenceslao Casares

An Argentine with no pedigree, no contacts or influential friends, who managed creating, and is currently the most charismatic manager at Endeavor, the international non-profit organization that helps develop business talented people who live in countries that are disadvantaged.


The Finnish creator of MySQL, the most widely used database in the world, the One he gave free of charge to the community of web developers.

Now that his application was acquired by a powerful multinational, just launched as part of his "Monty Project", the MariaDB database (in honor of his daughter Maria), also at no cost to the community. As Monty would say: each business requires a purpose.