People To Whom We Are Grateful

To our dear users that every day use more and more of our applications.

To all our international team of collaborators that from three continents, every day contribute to our organization to fulfill its purpose.

Eddie the Fish

(Eddie the Fish, as he likes to be called) the humble fisherman who lost all his possessions twice in a span of three years, and is now one of the largest fish exporters of Asia.

Ron Kaufman

Energized us and made us jump out of the seats with excitement as introduced us the new world of human resources for the "HR Summit "in Singapore

Billy Bean

The famous baseball coach who was personified by Brad Pitt in the movie "Moneyball", and that during the conference "Transform" in Austin, made us realize that you can create a winning team although we are not surrounded by super stars.

Chester Elton

That threw us many carrots during his presentation so that we realizes the existence of the Invisible Employee.

Yanik Silver

That at the end of our training gave us a shirt with a legend in Russian, which translated means "trust, but verify".